Pawn/Buyer Facts


Ok let’s face it pawning is not the most socially acceptable practice, but if we’re going to be honest your average bank will not loan a client $300.00, but that amount is commonplace at a pawnshop.  The most common collateral loan time is less than 5 minutes. 

 A reputable business will operate with a sound moral and honest business practice, a pawn shop is no different, you will easily be able to spot these businesses from some of the “stores” you may have seen elsewhere. In order to assist in providing an alternative to financial, retail sales and other services plus a different idea of what a pawnshop can offer come in and check us out.


Client Checklist

  • Did you remember to bring your identification?
  • Did you remember your accessories? (The more original accessories that you bring with an item the better)

Why Choose Shuswap Pawn

We have a 30 day grace period on all loans. So you can relax and not stress out if it's not posible to come in by the due date. You'll have lots of time, no worries.

Price - Our prices are set on a daily basis and reflect the current stock and market conditions.  We are also confident that you will not find a higher price for your gold and silver in Salmon Arm.

Easy Access - We are located in the heart of downtown in a popular business section of Salmon Arm. There is plenty of free 2 hour parking in the Ross Steet lot in front of our store.

Drop in Service - No appointment is necessary. If you would like a loan, looking to sell, or just looking for a great deal we are open six days a week.
Accuracy - Between our extensive experience, our knowledge from DVD's to precious metals and with the use of our fool proof testing equipment we are able to provide you with an accurate quote on the spot.

Trust - Everything we do is done right in front of you.  We explain the process to you.

No commitment - You are under no obligation or pressure to pawn or sell to us.  We encourage our customers to shop around for prices.